Excellence Program

Our model is based on the Sports Excellence Academy at the Wingate Institute’s proven successful model, while making the necessary adjustments for our specific aims and target population. Whereas Wingate’s model emphasizes international athletic achievements for outstanding young athletes, Sport – Bridge to Education’s Excellence Program focuses on the empowerment of at-risk children in various aspects of their daily life, improving their: self-onfidence, social behavior, academic achievements, and overall sense of responsibility. The model has proven to be an incredibly effective model for implementing change and fostering success.

Our Excellence Program aims to achieve the following short and long-term objectives:

  1. To support and advance at-risk children and youth for who sports can serve as an enabling platform for self-empowerment and capacity-building.
  2. To introduce the values of sports; discipline, responsibility, achieving predetermined goals, and teamwork, in order to integrate those values in the participants’ everyday lives, encouraging them to take responsibility over their future.
  3. To develop within the participants a sense of belonging, stability and trust with the program and staff.
  4. The participants will gain a sense of self-capability, self-confidence and self-worth.
  5. The participants will gain a full or partial matriculation diploma.
  6. The participants will go on to complete a full and meaningful military or national civil service.