Dr. Rutie Pilz-Burstein, Ph.D.

After a challenging and exciting term in the position of Director-General of The Wingate Institute for Sport and Physical Education, Israel, and years of experience in leading research in sport sciences, I today take the initiative to apply sport as a platform for empowering and fostering talented children from underprivileged communities, providing them with the tools to express themselves, to realize their potential and to make them believe that they can create a future with hope .
During my career, I have always viewed sport as a target, striving for success in the international sport arena. At the Wingate Institute, we promoted the Sport Excellence Academy to the front of the stage, fostering our young athletes to achieve top performance in every aspect of life.
The knowledge and experience that I gained over those years will help serve me today, as the founder of SEA, to implement this “Wingate model” of excellency in sport as an educational platform, for developing talented children that have been brought up in neighborhoods of poverty and crime.
SEA will be a “home away from home” for those children, and sport will be their hope for a better future, helping them to live their dreams.
My academic background is in Physiology; I earned my Ph.D. degree in Tel-Aviv University, Israel and my M.Sc. degree in McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada. In addition, I spent a year in Cambridge, UK for post-doctoral research. For years, in my role as the chairwoman of the Organization for the Advancement of Women in Sport, I have been intensively involved in leading a change, both socially and regulatory, in the status of girls and women in the Israeli sport arena.
I sincerely believe that we, people who believe in this way, can create a change and make things happen!


Shlomit Nir-Toor

Shlomit, born on a Kibbutz in Northern Israel, has been “living sport” since her early childhood. As a successful swimmer she represented Israel in the Olympic Games Mexico 1968 and Munich 1972, and in the Asian Championship, Bangkok 1970.
Shlomit has had a remarkable contribution to the development of the sports arena in Israel, both via her formal career and via voluntary activities. Just to mention a few, she served as Vice Chair of the Lottery Council, as a member of the International Olympic Committee – Sports for All commission, and as a founder and board member of the Women Sports Foundation of Israel.
As part of her current position in the Ministry of Culture and Sport in Israel, Shlomit is the director of Sports for All department , and Women in Sport department.
Shlomit Nir-Toor is a great advocate for sport as a major contributor to social skills such as leadership, team work, self-confidence and excellence. In addition, it is her belief that sport can be a tool for creating peace and partnerships.
She views sport as a venue for educating and fostering children and youth worldwide and as a tool to help those children realize their potential and achieve their goals.
Her long professional career, along the values she gained from being a top athlete make her a founder and a great partner for the vision and the activities of the S.E.A.