About Us

Sport – Bridge to Education is an Israeli nonprofit organization committed to advancing and nurturing at-risk children and youth by utilizing sports, and sports’ values, to enable participants to realize their potential, experience success, and build a promising future.

Founded in 2015 at the initiative of Dr. Rutie Pilz-Burstein, Executive Director of the Wingate Institute for Physical Education and Sports from 2009 to 2013, and Shlomit Nir-Toor, an Olympic swimming medalist, the organization aims to adapt the successful model of the Sports Excellence Academy at Wingate, as well as similar, tried-and-tested international models, to the needs of at-risk children and youth. Sport – Bridge to Education takes advantage of the fact that sport serves as both a goal and a means, and utilizes sport as a tool to empower at-risk children and youth.


Who Are Our Young Candidates?

We are often misled by the myth that it is the height, physique, or muscle power that determine athletic success. Although genetics is definitely the “raw material” that determines potential, it is not sufficient for the making of an athlete.

An overwhelming passion to succeed, self-discipline, the readiness to overcome failure after failure along the way without giving up, and above all the ability to dream – these are the building blocks that create excellency.

Does every child have a dream? When Y. (15 years old) was asked about his dream, he answered: “My dream? I am dreaming to have a dream…”.

For him, and for many children worldwide, sport can be their dream.

Sport can be their opportunity to break the “vicious cycle” of poverty and crime that they have experienced throughout their childhood.

It is therefore SEA’s vision to restore their faith and to take the steps to make it happen.

Cute little boy holding a soccer ball